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So you’re hankering to see some Virgin Pussy getting hammered into bloody hamburger?  Look no further.  Defloration TV is just that.  They get dirt poor Eastern European chicks and pay them to pop their cherries on camera.  Before they start on these poor little girls they give a very up close and personal hymen examination with a special camera they’ve built.  This camera gives you a perfect view of their intact Cherry.

After determining the girl is truly a Virgin, they proceed to popping her Cherry and catching the bloody mess on video.  Best of all, they don’t stop there.  They bust every Cherry these girls have to offer.  They pop her Pussy Cherry, her Porn Cherry, her Anal Cherry, her Blow Job Cherry, and her Sloppy Mess Facial Cherry.  They burst so many Cherries you’d think you were at a fucking Cherry Blossom Festival!

A couple of years ago, before I actually went on the road to make my own porno’s, I thought this was faked.  But now, after what I’ve experienced first hand, I can tell you this is the real deal.  In poor countries, girls are all fired up to sell their Virginity.  Their Virginity is a burden to their families income.  Once they sell their Virginity for a couple hundred to a couple thousand bucks, they can start making a good regular income through prostitution and porn.

If you want to see real Virgins getting deflowered,deflorationtvsquare you won’t do better than Defloration.TV.  They’ve been busting Cherries while busting nuts for almost 20 years now.  Hell, some of the Virgins those lucky bastards fucked 17 years ago are grandmas now!

I should also mention that with defloration.TV, you also get access to their other sites, which are pretty creative as well.  One site is girls underwater, and another is these nubile young Virgins showing how flexible they are in a variety of gymnastic poses.  Eastern Europe, which are mostly former Soviet Block countries, train the shit out of their girls in Gymnastics.  Which is fucking goofy because if they’re so poor coming out of high school they can’t wait to be whores, what the fuck good are summersaults doing them.  Teach them to be waitresses or something—duh!

Sorry about the rant.  If you want to see some blood and hear some shrieks of pain from fresh young Virgins being sacrificed for their families weekly vodka budget, check out Defloration.TV, you won’t regret it!

—Phat Al


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